Jerry "The King" Lawler

"It takes a king to know a king..."

He's the king of Memphis... A WWE Hall Of Famer... One of the greatest wrestlers and broadcasters of all time. If there's an iconic moment in professional wrestling that he wasn't part of then there's a good chance he was commentating on it. He's a forty year veteran of the squared circle. He's been loved. He's been hated. He is unlike any other in the grappling world. He's the one and only Jerry "The King" Lawler and in March of 2017 he comes to the UK for his first ever spoken word tour.


A fan in his youth, Jerry Lawler made his in-ring debut in 1970. His unparalleled charisma and connection with the crowds in Memphis, Tennessee soon propelled him to the top of the card. Taking inspiration from his hero Elvis Presley, Jerry referred to himself as The King and it was a name that soon stuck. For the next twenty years he was a the biggest star in the region, tangling with everyone from Hulk Hogan to Ric Flair. Perhaps most famously he found himself at odds with cult comedian Andy Kaufman, resulting in a match and a confrontation on the David Letterman show. Jerry would go on to play himself opposite Jim Carrey in the 1999 Kaufman biopic 'Man On The Moon'.


In 1993 Jerry signed with WWE as a wrestler and commentator, a time that propelled him into the world's spotlight. In his time with WWE he'd go on to be part of numerous famous feuds and moments, gaining incredible popularity as part of a timeless commentary team alongside fellow Hall of Famer Jim Ross.