Colt Cabana

"Live in the studio.... apartment in Chicago, Illinois."

Colt Cabana is a world traveller, a businessman, a tax payer, a Chicago native but above all he is a professional wrestler. A world wide independant pro wrestling star, Colt has created his own niche in the world of entertainment thanks to his innovative podcast "The Art Of Wrestling".  The former WWE star can be heard every weekend talking to his friends, peers and colleagues, often joined by close personal friends Cliff Compton, Luke Gallows and CM Punk.

A true innovator, Colt has changed the entire landscape of the business with his podcast. A true artist in the ring, he mixes athleticism and comedy in a way that never fails to entertain. In demand all across the globe, you'll often find him behind the mic for the cultish $5 Wrestling alongside comedian Mart DeRosa.