William Regal Nottingham Cancellation FAQ

It is with great regret that we've had to cancel William Regal's 'An Audience With A Wrestling Villain' show that was due to take place on Thursday 19th December in Nottingham. Mr Regal has been forced to fly back to the US due to complications arising from his recent neck surgery. We wish him a speedy and safe recovery and hope to see him again in the new year. To help ease the disappointment we're thrilled to announce that NXT trainer, British wrestling legend and Mr Regal's close friend ROBBY BROOKSIDE will be joining us for an impromptu show in Nottingham tomorrow night. This show is FREE to anyone that bought tickets to see Mr Regal and is in addition to your full refunds. This will take place at 8pm, with doors opening at 7pm, at THE MARKET BAR, NOTTINGHAM. 16-22 Goose Gate, NG1 1FF. Here's what's happening now.

I've bought a ticket Will I get a refund?


How will that refund be processed?

It will be sent back to whichever payment card you used to purchase it automatically. Please allow five working days for this to process as is standard for credit or debit card refunds.


How do we get tickets to see Robby Brookside?


You don't need to do anything. We have the list of people that bought tickets to see William Regal. Simply turn up and give your name on the door. 


I didn't get tickets to see William Regal. Can I still come to see Robby?

Afraid not. We've had to move to a smaller venue for various reasons and, as such, we can't have any more people in there than the number of tickets we'd already sold. This is only for people that have already bought tickets in advance.


Will I still get my refund if I come to see Robby Brookside?

Yes. Consider the show with Robby our collective Christmas gift to you. Feel free to buy Robby a pint though. Fairly sure he won't say no.


Is there a meet & greet?

There won't be a formal meet & greet. Again, feel free to buy Robby a pint and fairly sure he'll pose for a pic.


Will the Nottingham date with William Regal be rescheduled?

Unfortunately it's too soon to say. As we have to work around Mr Regal's WWE and NXT commitments we can't make any promises. Rest assured we will do everything we can to bring him back to Nottingham next year.