Wednesday, 16th Dec 2015
It is with great regret that we've had to cancel William Regal's 'An Audience With A Wrestling Villain' show that was due to take place on Thursday 19th December in Nottingham. Mr Regal has been forced to fly back to the US due to complications arising from his recent neck surgery. We wish him a speedy and safe recovery and hope to see him again in the new year. To help ease the disappointment we're thrilled to announce that NXT trainer, British wrestling legend and Mr Regal's close friend ROBBY BROOKSIDE will be joining us for an impromptu show in Nottingham tomorrow night. This show is FREE to anyone that bought tickets to see Mr Regal and is in addition to your full refunds. This will take place at 8pm, with doors opening at 7pm, at THE MARKET BAR, NOTTINGHAM. 16-22 Goose Gate, NG1 1FF. Here's what's happening now.

I've bought a ticket Will I get a refund?


How will that refund be processed?

It will be sent back to whichever payment card you used to purchase it automatically. Please allow five working days for this to process as is standard for credit or debit card refunds.


How do we get tickets to see Robby Brookside?


You don't need to do anything. We have the list of people that bought tickets to see William Regal. Simply turn up and give your name on the door. 


I didn't get tickets to see William Regal. Can I still come to see Robby?

Afraid not. We've had to move to a smaller venue for various reasons and, as such, we can't have any more people in there than the number of tickets we'd already sold. This is only for people that have already bought tickets in advance.


Will I still get my refund if I come to see Robby Brookside?

Yes. Consider the show with Robby our collective Christmas gift to you. Feel free to buy Robby a pint though. Fairly sure he won't say no.


Is there a meet & greet?

There won't be a formal meet & greet. Again, feel free to buy Robby a pint and fairly sure he'll pose for a pic.


Will the Nottingham date with William Regal be rescheduled?

Unfortunately it's too soon to say. As we have to work around Mr Regal's WWE and NXT commitments we can't make any promises. Rest assured we will do everything we can to bring him back to Nottingham next year.

Tuesday, 15th Dec 2015
Due to issues arising from his recent neck surgery William Regal has been forced to fly back to the US for urgent medical attention. As a result he will not be part of the last two dates of the NXT UK Takeover tour and we have no alternative but to cancel his 'Audience With A Wrestling Villain' event in Nottingham on Thursday December 17th.


We appreciate that this is a huge disappointment for his fans. Rest assured that nobody is more disappointed than Mr Regal himself, a man that prides himself on fulfilling his professional obligations. At this point I'm sure we all agree that his health is more important than anything else and wish him an easy and speedy recovery.


There will be full refunds for everybody that has purchased a ticket for this event with absolutely no hesitation. Hopefully we will be able to bring Mr Regal back to Nottingham at some point in the not too distant future.


As a gesture of good will we've also arranged something of a bonus. On the evening of Thursday 17th December we will be hosting An Evening With Robby Brookside. This British wrestling legend has been featured in recent weeks on the WWE Network's Breaking Ground series and is currently helping to shape the next generation of Superstars and Divas. A charming, witty and affable man, Robby has no shortage of tales to tell and an evening in his company is bound to be fantastic.


This event will be FREE to anyone that bought tickets to An Audience With A Wrestling Villain in addition to their full refund for the original ticket. There will be a charity collection on the evening should anyone wish to donate.


Once again on behalf of both Mr Regal and Eros Comedy, apologies to everyone that was looking forward to this event. If you have any issues or questions please contact me at and I will do my best to help.

Chris Brooker

Company Director
Eros Comedy

Thursday, 10th Dec 2015
What a glorious night in a glorious room! The gorgeous Westovian Theatre, tucked away by the coast in South Shields, was an absolute joy. It was cold and wild outside but it was warm and friendly inside as William Regal regaled all those present with his stories, tales of the road and perfectly timed asides.

The meet & greet photos for VIP ticket holders have been uploaded and are available right now from the Eros Comedy Flickr account.

Onwards to Nottingham on December 17th and the award winning Just The Tonic comedy club. Some tickets, including VIP, remain so be sure to get yours from our events page.

Tuesday, 8th Dec 2015
William Regal is bringing his incredible spoken word show back to the UK this week.
Here's all the information you'll need if you're coming along.


*Where do I get tickets?"

From our events page.

*What time do the shows start and finish?*

The timings are the same for both Newcastle and Nottingham's shows. They are.

VIP Meet & Greet: 5:30pm
Doors for main show: 7:30pm
Show starts: 8:00pm
Finish: 10:00pm

*What do we get at the VIP meet & greet?*

Your VIP ticket includes a photo opportunity with Mr Regal as well as one autograph on any item you choose to bring with you. 

*Will there be promotional photos available for Mr Regal to sign?*

We will have 8x10 prints for sale at £5 apiece which Mr Regal will happily autograph for you in addition to your own item. All proceeds from these will go to Donna's Dream House, a fantastic charity that provides holidays in Blackpool for sick and disadvantaged children. 

*Can we use our own camera or phone for the photo with Mr Regal?*

We have a good quality camera that we will use to take a high resolution photograph for you. This means we spend less time messing about with various phones, cameras which means you get a bit more time with the gentleman you've come to see. It also guarantees a decent picture.

*Where can we get these photos from?*

The photos with Mr Regal will be uploaded to the Eros Comedy Flickr account and you can download them for free at your leisure. The link to the Flickr account is

*When will the photos be available?*

Typically within twenty four hours although that can depend on whether we're able to find a reliable internet connection. If there are any delays we'll keep everyone informed.

*Can we buy photos or autographs with Mr Regal if we buy standard tickets and don't attend the meet & greet?*

Afraid not.

*Can we buy tickets on the door?*

There will be an allocation of standard tickets available to purchase on the night. Please note that VIP tickets are only available in advance up to 4pm on the day of the show.

*How does the show work?*

The show itself kicks off with a host and a ten minute spot by one of Mr Regal's hand picked support acts. They will be Mat Ricardo in Newcastle and Jim Smallman in Nottingham. We then welcome Mr Regal himself and he'll be on stage until 10:00pm with a fifteen minute interval at the half way point.

*Can we ask Mr Regal questions?*

There will be the opportunity to ask Mr Regal questions as the night progresses. Our roving host will be vetting these to try to ensure that the night is an interesting as possible. Please don't be offended if your question isn't used.

*Is it a wrestling show? A comedy show? How should we act?*

It's a spoken word show first and foremost but at the same time we don't want to try to oppress the energy and enthusiasm that wrestling fans bring. In short have fun but remember that folk are there to listen to William Regal and respect that. Audience members that are excessively and self-indulgently vocal to the detriment of the night will be asked to tone it down. If this is ignored then they will be removed from the venue.

Basically respect Mr Regal and the other paying audience members and everything will be fine.